Second Saturday Fun


Have you heard about Second Saturdays?

You can join some Master Gardeners for fun garden themed projects or informative lectures – all for a very reasonable price.

There is still time to get in on the action.  Check out the summary of remaining Second Saturday sessions below.

All of the sessions take place on the second Saturday of each month from 10am till noon at the Education Center in Smedley Park in Springfield.

You can register by mailing in this form, or by calling the office at 610-690-7669.

May 12 – Heavenly Hydrangeas

hydr-webHow do I know which Hydrangea is which? Should I go with the new cultivars or the old standbys? How do I get my Hydrangea to bloom, and what color will it be? Get answers to these questions and more, as we discuss this classic and easy-to grow group of ornamental shrubs and vines.

Cost $10 – Ray Murphy, Master Gardener and Gardener at Nemours Estate

June 9 – Bluebirds in Your Garden

birdhouse-webFind out the best ways to attract bluebirds to your garden. Learn more about them from naturalist, photographer, and videographer Pam Dimeler who has built and installed many bluebird houses at Linvilla Orchards and has kept them coming back from year to year at that site. Her informative and interesting presentation will have you as enthused as she is about our native bluebirds.

Cost $10 – Pam Dimeler, Naturalist, bird enthusiast, photographer, and videographer

July 14 – Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden

monarchLearn about the multitude of interesting insects, birds, and butterflies that visit our gardens. Find out how to attract them by planting the plants they love to visit over and over again and helping our environment at the same time.

Cost $10 – Kathy Hornberger, Master Gardener

August 11 – The History of Kitchen Gardening

kitgard-webLocal garden historian, Clarissa Dillon will explain the background of Colonial Kitchen gardening, how it has developed over the years, and why it is still pertinent to use today. Clarissa will entertain and enthrall you with her fact filled, hands-on procedures she still maintains at the Thomas Massey House Garden in Broomall. Enjoy a summer reprieve from working in your own garden and find out how our Colonial forefathers set the tone for our kitchen gardens.

Cost $10 – Clarissa Dillon, PhD Garden Historian

September 8 – Fall Foraging

path-webTaking a walk in the woods anytime soon? Getting hungry? Learn to identify edible and tasty wild plants. This interesting and fun-filled workshop will teach you about foraging for these local wild plants in the fall forest. We will take a stroll in the woods at Smedley Park to find what plants we can snack on. Come Hungry!

Cost $10 – Dylan DeViliger, Red Hill Farm Co-op Farmer

October 13 – Tool Sharpening for Effective Pruning

tool-webParticipants will learn simple sharpening techniques suitable for a variety of gardening tools, using a sharpening stone. Each participant will receive a sharpening stone and illustrated instructions. Bring gloves, 2 dull gardening tools, safety goggles or glasses and a pencil or pen.

Cost $20 – Liana Bauerle, Master Gardener (Limited to 18 participants)

November 10 – Native Owls of Pennsylvania

Do you know how many owls are native to Pennsylvania? Have you seen any in your area? Come find out more about the lifestyles of our Pennsylvania Owls from naturalist Pam Dimeler. Her presentation of live footage and photos of our native owls will enthrall you and peak your interest to learn more about the bird that is at the top of the food chain in Pennsylvania.

Cost $10 – Pam Dimeler, Naturalist, bird enthusiast, photographer, and videographer

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